Longreach STW

Longreach STW

Carney construction was contacted through our longstanding relationship with Murphy Group for this diverse construction site. Initially just asked to complete RC works our scope then expanded to provide for additional ground works throughout the Longreach STW site. This contract went through from 01.04.14 – 01.06.15.

THP Area

For this area, a series of over 30 plynths, 4 large radius tank bases with graduated falls, high-level slab area and specialist plant bunds were built. Additional works in this area were agreed onsite and acted on quickly to design changes allowing tight program requirements for M&E contractors to be met. This included duct pit constructions and additional walkways, across this area brush, power float and steel trowel finishes were completed.

Sludge Cake Building

Envelope walls over 4m in height and up to 500mm thick surround this building, with internal walls dividing up chambers that will be used to resist dozers controlling and managing solid waste. These walls were built into an existing slab using a resin anchor system for starter bars, all with HAV management being controlled locally. A high-level mezzanine floor was built to house specialist plant within the steel frame. This required 120sqm power floated slab being cast out of sequence to meet delivery dates. Additional resource was brought in to manage this workload on short notice to maintain client confidentiality.

Odour Control Unit

This area was the largest use of power float finish across the site with over 500sqm of power floating on a series of radius and rectangular bases. This also included structures used for supporting transformers and high-end M&E plant, requiring slabs within 2mm tolerance. A selection of various size sumps were also formed up to 1.5m depth.

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