Lyme Regis

Design Input

Carney Construction arrived early on consulting on the final designs with principal contractor Balfour Beatty, Designer URS & Local Dorset Council representatives CH2MHILL. Carney Constructions recommendations modified the final design providing cost savings to the client and agreeing on a faceted wave wall design with 5 different configurations. This allowed the construction of a promenade that protects the town and attracts tourism to this heavily protected world heritage site.

Integrated Services

Providing specialist plant allowed lifting & concreting to be completed before tidal return, reducing costs on providing raised laydown areas that would have been subjected to aggressive storms. Material and equipment risks were also carried by Carney Construction managing site to ensure secure from waves during and after every shift.

Onsite Risk Management

High winds & large storms battered the project, causing major landslides across the cliff face. Proactive systems for monitoring cliff subsidence were developed between Carney & Balfour management to ensure the safety of the workforce. Work was damaged by landslides but no operatives were in these areas when ground movement occurred. No reportable incidents occurred onsite, a real accomplishment in such a volatile and high-risk working environment. We are proud to announce Lyme Regis Sea Wall & Promenade has won the Construction News Specialist awards 2015 (Project of the year sub-contract value < £2 million).

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JCC were able to demonstrate their wide range of capabilities in concrete construction, ranging from buried ground beams, complex in-situ timber shutters and custom made steel shutters, to slabs, dwarf walls and pre-cast sections. The works were carried out in an often extreme coastal environment, through one of the worst and stormiest winters on record. The workforce and management demonstrated a huge commitment to getting the job done safely and the quality of the finished product is testament to this.

Jon Cartwright Project Manager, Balfour Beatty

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